API Users can reserve products in real-time from the entire catalog of the platform when they want.

You can manage your reservations as you want depending on your needs. In any moment you can ask for additional quantities, free the ones you previously reserved and send the orders with the amount of products that you need. The reserved items never expire automatically, they are reserved forever (Please note that the platform's staff can manually delete the items if you don't meet the agreements in place between you and the platform)

The system will ack you with the actually reserved quantities, computing the minimum between your request and the maximum allowed by the availability of the products.

API Client Workflow

Method Summary

Method Name
POST Reserve : It updates a reservation of a certain quantity of products
GET ReservationStatus : Gets a XML representation of reserved items and product availability
POST SendOrder : It closes on the transaction of an order with desired products, it uses the shipping details of the user's account
POST SendOrderDropshipping : It closes on the transaction of an order with the given items and quantities, in this case user has to write down new shipping details
GET OrderStatus by Order_id : Gets the status of the order by passing orderId
GET OrderStatus by key : Gets the status of the order by passing user's identification order
GET Carriers : Gets list of all carriers available for the customer
POST returnedGoodRequest : Create a return good request