These methods allow to get the information of all the products available in the catalogue. APIs are designed to support XML format. We provide also CSV and XLS format only to support existing customers, no support will be given to new customers using those formats.


Method Url Format
GET /restful/export/api/products.xml XML format
GET /restful/export/api/products.csv CSV format, Deprecated: provided only to existing customers
GET /restful/export/api/products.xls XLS format, Deprecated: provided only to existing customers


Remember to authenticate properly, using HTTP Basic Authentication with your API-Key as username and your password.

Query Params

Name Description Values Mandatory
acceptedlocales Locale code for languages. The comma separated list of values it_IT, en_US, fr_FR... Yes
output-filetype Format of the output data xml Yes
since the timestamp of the last update ISO8601 date format No
tag_1 product's brand Any brand name No
tag_4 product's category “clothing”, “accessories”, “bags”, “cosmetics”, “underwear”, “shoes” No
tag_26 product's gender “kids”, “women”, “unisex”, “men” No
tag_11 product's season “fw” (fall/winter), “ss” (spring/summer), “all-year” No

Response Body (XML Format)

The main tag (page) shows the information about the number of results and the pagination:

This tag (items) contains a collection of items, which show product's informations.

Each tag has many child elements, corresponding to a product's property. The most important ones are:

Each model element has six useful attributes:

A specific model can be identified by it's id or by product code/product id + size + color.

Response Body Example

Request example query: /restful/export/api/products.xml?tag_5=A%20mano&acceptedlocales=en_US

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<page totalPages="4" totalNumberOfElements="345" pageSize="100" lastUpdate="""2017-10- 31T14:05:12.322+01:00""" currentPage="1">
        <item xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="product">
            <brand>BRAND NAME</brand>
                        PRODUCT DESCRIPTION I18N
                <description> ... </description>
                <image> ... </image>
                    <model>MODEL NAME</model>
        <item xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="product">...</item>

Incremental updates(XML format)

Once you download the whole catalog, you can ask for updates only. The “since” query parameter is used to ask for quantity modifications after a given timestamp. The last update timestamp is retrieved from the “lastUpdate” attribute of the XML “page” tag.

Pay attention: