1.Authentication FAQ

Where can I find a password to be used with API key enabled to my account ?

Password is the same as your website account linked with the api key provided to you by your account manager. Password of your ecommerce account and password used with the API are keep in sync so when you change the account password you are using on the website you will also have to change the password you are using to implement API in your integration.

How can I recover my password to be used with API?

Passwords are encrypted in db and nobody can't know them, if you forget it you can recover it though the website or ask to the staff to reset it.

2.General questions

How often you guys will have new product? And how do we be informed? How do we check the stock availability? How do we post the order data electronically?

If you are integrating with the Reservations & Orders once you have integrated the catalogue, you can download everything automatically from our platform. Once the catalogue is integrated, you will download all the products and relative information directly from our platform. The stock availability goes automatically, as both platforms will be connected and you will work directly with our stock.

You will receive the newsletters and you will be in contact with the account manager in order to fix weekly promotions in order to put some brands in the ‘spotlights’.

What is the b2btaxable and b2ctaxable for? Does it apply to us? What is intra? Streetprice, is it our cost price?

b2btaxable is b2b price without platform value added tax (VAT)

b2ctaxable is b2c price without platform value added tax (VAT)

intra is a field used for shipping within EU for fiscal and tax compliance.

streetprice is the Retail Price to end customer. The street price is indeed the retail price in € (Italian).

taxable is your cost (this one reflect the lowest price available when you call the restful, this could be a temporary discount which can end at anytime). Your cost may be higher or lower than that cause you have to apply permanent disconts you have and add taxes (if you have to pay them), shipping cost, additional charges on some payment types etc.

I found out the product ID is not in sequence in the XML feed. May I know how can be told there is new product is added into the catalog? Will be the new product added at the last object of the feed?

That's not assured cause an old product with a lower id may be temporary removed from the catalog and later re-added (empty stock now refilled, manual removal and addition, etc). Any time you sync the catalog you should check both products no longer available and new products.

Do I have to run through each 3000 products every time to check whether the product is not available or new product is added?

There's no other way than comparing the whole list, furthermore you can sync the models' availability on your side (beyond updating it when you book that model) so there's no so much wasting of resources cause you will need anyway to loop on all models to update the available stock on your side.

Do you have a test API for the development?

As soon as you will ready to start testing we are going setup an account and a sale (if needed) on a sandbox platform. Check Sandbox page to see more details.